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Mendelssohn’s Elijah to be Performed!
The Sheepscot Chorus and St. Cecilia Chamber Choir join forces to present Felix Mendelssohn’s epic oratorio Elijah, on Saturday, April 25 at 7:30pm, and Sunday, April 26 at 3:00pm, at St. Patrick’s Church in Newcastle, Maine. Gathered under the baton of Artistic Director Linda Blanchard, the combined group will be accompanied by the a professional orchestra and four outstanding soloists for this magnificent work – composed in the spirit of Baroque greats Bach and Handel.

Elijah is deemed by many, along with Handel’s Messiah, to be one of the most spectacular large-scale choral works ever composed. It demands technical brilliance in every aspect: from the precision required of the soloists in all four arias, to the magnitude of skill and cooperation from the orchestra, as well as the volume of voices to bring the choruses to full and powerful fruition. The oratorio premiered in 1846 in Birmingham, England, where it was an instant triumph, and conducted by Mendelssohn himself, who would pass away the following year at the young age of 38. The extraordinary work depicts the life of the Biblical prophet Elijah, whose spirit is tested by a plethora of natural disasters including floods, earthquakes and droughts. In addition to death, sacrifice, and questions of his own faith, the prophet is gently guided by the God of the Old Testament to ultimately regain prosperity for the citizens of Israel, find peace within himself, and, in a stunning finale, ascend to heaven by fiery chariot. The drama of these cataclysmic scenes, exemplary of the era’s romanticism, is perfectly conveyed by the magnificence and grandeur of the music. Mendelssohn’s composition is ripe with exquisite melodies, contemplative recitatives, and stirring choruses.

Performing the title role is New York baritone Josh Miller, frequently lauded for his meticulous characterisation and rich, resonant voice. Appearing alongside Giles are three exceptional soloists: A frequent soloist with numerous ensembles in New England, the talented soprano Mary Sullivan, a longtime member of The Choral Art Society and the St. Mary Schola early music ensemble Andrea Graichen, the wonderful tenor David Myers, Jr., and the amazing boy soprano Benjamin Pugh. Don’t miss this exciting concert. Tickets will be available soon for this wonderful event.

Call for Singers!
Singers are always welcome to join the Sheepscot Valley Chorus. For more information about the group, please feel free to browse this site, or call the director of the Chorus, Linda Blanchard, at (207) 380-2768.

Sheepscot Valley Chorus Mission Statement
The mission of the Sheepscot Valley Chorus is to provide opportunities for amateurs who like to sing, and to perform for audiences who share that love of music. There are no auditions. All that is needed to be a member is the enjoyment of singing. We encourage young musicians to participate and offer scholarships once a year to three students, one from each of our local high schools. The Chorus is committed to the classics as well as contemporary, Broadway, Gospel, and premiere performances of new works. We invite you to join the Sheepscot Chorus!